Graphic Design Services

Graphic design creates the visual representation of your company—it is the face of your organization. How your viewers perceive your business will be influenced by how it is represented graphically. How does your business measure up?

Graphic design is much more than a couple of images and words on paper or a screen. An experienced designer will know what fonts are appropriate and what images will best convey your message. A good graphic designer can take the message you want to send your viewers and turn it into an attractive and functional brochure, rack card, PowerPoint presentation, etc.


Logos are the foundation on which all other graphical elements, such as business cards and website, are built. Your logo carries a heavy burden—it needs to visually represent your organization while at the same time, not completely pigeon-hole it, so that if the business expands it can accommodate that too. It needs to be current yet timeless, clean and attractive and most importantly, it needs to be memorable and say to your customer that you are a trustworthy business, you can count on us to meet your needs.

Business Cards

The business card is just as popular now as it ever was, despite our transition to a paperless world. Your business card is often the first piece of advertising your customer will see, and from it, their first impression will be made. Is your business card up to the task? Using your card as only a vehicle to distribute your company information is like buying a Tesla and never taking it on the highway. Unlock the potential of your business card and use it to make a meaningful connection with your customer. Give them more than just your phone number and your website address. Take these precious moments of undivided attention and tell your customer about your organization.

Brochures, Rack Cards and Other Printed Pieces

The best way to make your organization more memorable in the minds of your customers and potential customers is through visuals. Brochures, postcards, flyers and catalogues are tested and true methods of getting your message to customers. Using professionally designed materials your message will be imprinted in the minds of your customers. Through the use of colour, typography and creative layouts, Nomadic Design can create printed collateral that will work for your business.

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