Website Design / Maintenance

Calgary Masons

Freemasonry has been around in it's current form for hundreds of years, however, it's membership has been dwindling in the for the past 50 or so years. Elbow River Lodge #180 needed a way to get into the 21st Century, and locate good men to continue their legacy.

Website / Maintenance / Logo / Business Card

Belladonna Beauties

Run as a home business, our client needed to branch out from just running on Facebook. We built a website, logo, and assisted in creating an online presence across multiple social media platforms.

Website Design / Maintenance

Salus Security

Salus Security is a new start-up focused on IT Security. They required a website in order to branch out and gain business in the small to medium sized companies on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Website Design / Maintenance

Paul C Grenier is a Vancouver based Actor/Writer who requires an eye catching, yet simple website to profile his work, achievements, and garner addition casting roles.

Business Card Design

Loving Moments

Loving Moments is a Saskatchewan based hand crafted card business. Deleena required a way to get her brand out easily without sacrificing time and energy.

Website Design / Maintenance

Kiskapud Menedek
(Under Construction)

Kiskapud Menedek is a Hungarian animal shelter located outside of Ózd, Hungary. They require a website to gain exposure online, and garner further support from the community and online.