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Many consumers research products and businesses online before picking up the phone or walking into a store. Is your website working as hard as it could? Incomplete, slow or outdated websites may send your viewers to your competition!

Get the results you want from your website.

The days of set-it-and-forget-it websites are long gone. Business websites have changed significantly in recent years as have users' expectations. Users expect much more from a company's website and this translates to significantly more effort on the part of the business owner to build a site that meets those needs.

A website could be brochure-style that dictates minimal information or it can be a valuable tool that:

  • captures your viewer's attention,
  • shows how your services can solve the viewer's problems,
  • proves your abilities with social proof like testimonials and case studies,
  • most importantly, motivates your viewers to pick up the phone or send you an email.

A quality website means a better experience for your customers, which will motivate them to pick up the phone.

A website could be merely a placeholder (brochure style) that provides minimum information or it can be a valuable tool that captures your viewer's attention, shows your services, convinces them of your abilities and motivates them to call you.

We like to compare these two types of websites to a salesperson:

  • A website that only conveys information is like a salesperson that mails out brochures and hopes somebody will call.
  • The latter is a salesperson who talks to customers, understands their problems, shows them how they can fix those problem and proving to them that their business is the right choice.

Who would you rather deal with? Most people would probably want to deal with the second salesman; it's a better use of their time and better yet, the connection it creates, builds trust. We strongly believe that by showing your authenticity, and why your organization is different from your competition, you are making a strong connection with your viewers.

No unwelcome surprises when the bill comes!

At Nomadic Design, we offer firm pricing on most projects. Once officially quoted, the price won't change, unless the scope of the project changes. As always, every website we offer comes with a basic content management system.


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What does this mean for you?

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